Exhibition stall fabrication in Chennai

Service Description:

Innovate expo services exhibition stall fabricators in chennai, providing quality exhibition stalls for every event and expo. Moreover, we specialise in custom design, fabrication and installation of all kinds of Expo Stalls ranging from Wooden, Metal, Tension Fabrics etc.


– Modern designs backed by creative ideas
– Customised exhibition stands as per your need
– High Quality Printing with Vibrant Colors on Vinyl & Fabric
– Professional Installation Team


– Add professionalism to your events and expos with our cohesive exhibition stands
– Express implementation at low cost within timeline of the project
– Get that clean look which will stay away from any manufacturing defects
– Receive ON TIME services for excellent after sales support

Stand Designing

Stand design refers to the process of creating an effective and aesthetically pleasing display stand. For showcasing products or services in various settings, such as trade shows, exhibitions, or retail environments. Hence, the key factors in stand design include layout, color, lighting, graphics, and materials used. The goal of Stall design is to attract attention, engage visitors. And effectively communicate information about the products or services being displayed.

Display Stall Production in Chennai

We specialises in the design and fabrication of exhibition stands for chennai expo. we offer a range of services, including design consultation, 3D renderings, construction, installation, and project management. Moreover, our stall design aims to meet our clients’ needs and goals. Whether it be to increase brand visibility, attract visitors, or communicate information effectively. Moreover with a focus on quality materials, innovative designs, and attention to detail. Orange Stall Fabrication helps clients create a lasting impression at trade shows, exhibitions, and other events.

Orange – Innovate Expo Services Exhibition Stall Fabricators in Chennai


Again, by having our expo fabrication godown in Chennai, we save a lot of time and money on stall fabrication in Chennai. which, in turn, becomes cost-effective for our customers.

We set up stalls for a wide range of brands and products. Likewise, It may be a stand for an engineering product, a stand for a construction company, or a stand for heavy vehicles. Similarly, We also have food stalls and business presentation stalls designed and fabricated. Also, our design and branding team will create the structure needed for your presentation.

No, we never do that. Additionally, we like to save money for both of us. All our suppliers for Chennai are local. However, our purchase team makes sure the supply is from Chennai and the quality of the materials is up to our standards.

We’ve been working as event managers in Chennai for the past 18 years. We have been there for the past 8 years as an expo stall fabricator. Earlier, we were operating under the name Orange Art Factory; now we have made our fabrication unit a separate company, and it runs under the title Orange Fabrication.

I hope we have answered your doubts. If you still want any clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Orange Stall Fabrication
Exhibition stall fabrication in Chennai


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