Chennai is a major industrial hub in India and a driver of the country’s economic growth. Here are ten essential facts you need to know about the industries that make up this dynamic city. From traditional manufacturing activities to high-tech IT firms, the city has a vibrant and diverse range of industries that support its thriving economy.

Chennai is one of the hottest and fastest growing industrial hubs on the Indian subcontinent.

Chennai’s industrial sector is among the most richly diverse in the country. It includes traditional manufacturing activities like food processing, leather tanning and textile weaving, as well as high-tech operations like engineering, software development, IT services and biotechnology. The city’s strategic location and access to ports means that it is a major trading hub, with international companies regularly investing in its industries. This mix of activity has made Chennai a major player in India’s economy, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Automobile, IT and Electronics are the major industries in Chennai.

Chennai is India’s hub for the automobile, IT and electronics industries. Both international and domestic companies have a presence in the city, with more than 600 auto companies employing over 800,000 people. The auto industry overall generates billions of dollars in economic activity each year, with many of the world’s major car manufacturers having plants in Chennai. Likewise, Chennai is also home to over 6,800 IT companies that employ around 1 million people. Electronic products made in Chennai are exported all over the world, making it an important location for electronics firms. Besides these primary industries, there are many other industries that have made their mark on the city’s economy as well.


Chennai has been identified as a “High Growth Industrial Zone” by the Government of India in its vision document.

The Government of India has identified Chennai as one of the key locations for its High Growth Industrial Zone (HGIZ) program. This program aims to develop world-class industrial infrastructure in the city, making it a hub for foreign and domestic investment. The government has invested in improved roads, telecommunication connectivity, legal reforms and other projects to make the city an attractive destination for businesses. As a result, the Chennai economy has moved from its traditional areas such as manufacturing towards services, becoming one of the most important cities for IT and technical support companies in India.

It is home to some of the biggest global automobile brands such as Hyundai, Nissan, Ford and Renault-Nissan Alliance.

The automobile sector in Chennai is one of the most developed and renowned in India. It employs over 500,000 people and contributes 11% of the city’s GDP as of 2018-19. Tamil Nadu’s auto cluster is home to some of the biggest global brands such as Hyundai, Nissan, Ford and Renault-Nissan Alliance – all making use of Chennai’s educated and skilled workforce. The largest automobile exporter in India is based out of Chennai with a majority of its products being shipped to countries around the world.


Several reputed IT companies such as Infosys, Dell International Services and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) are based in Chennai.

These IT companies are some of the largest job-providers in the city and provide thousands of jobs for both freshers and experienced individuals. Additionally, many multinational companies like Facebook and Microsoft have established a significant presence in Chennai. The presence of these and similar firms allow for Chennai to thrive culturally as well, by hosting events related to business, technology and innovation – nurturing a vibrant startup culture in the city.

Including this many industrial exhibition in Chennai organised by private event organisers and government to improve and give confidence for investors.


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