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What is exhibition stall fabrication? Allow us to explain. Many times when we meet our clients, they ask us a question that really surprises us. They ask, “What is stall fabrication?” And why should we fabricate a stall for an exhibition or expo?

This used to surprise us a lot because many people still don’t understand the role of a fabricated stall in an exhibition or expo.So, we thought of writing a simple article about what exhibition stall fabrication is and why we need one at the expo for your brand.

What do you get at an expo?

In most exhibitions or expos, the organisers provide you with space and an exhibit stall for your product presentation. This is common for every participant in the expo. This doesn’t give any uniqueness to your brand or your product. As a result, lead generation and brand awareness do not reach their full potential.Here comes the stall fabrication part.

What is exhibition stall fabrication?

A new, customised, fabricated stall for presenting your product, project, or company will improve stall footfalls and company branding. This, in turn, generates more leads for your company or brand.

Here in the expo, you will be given an open space of different sizes, like 32 sq ft, 20 sq ft, or 12 sq ft. When you reserve a space in an exhibition or expo, an exhibition stall fabricator will be assigned to the job.Because the location of your stall (i.e., your stall can be a single-side open stall, a double-side open stall, a three-side open stall, or an all-side open prime stall) is critical for attracting visitors.Then, based on your product and targeted visitors, the exhibition stall designers will make a couple of 3D designs for you. Upon your confirmation, they will fabricate the stall in your expo location, which will look unique and vibrant.

What to note as an expo stall fabricator?

The first and most important point to consider is optimal space utilisation. Most of the time, a cramped stall will keep the visitor out of the bay. They do not want to come inside the crowd. As stall fabricators, we will design the stall so that visitors’ flow is not disrupted while the product is clearly visible.

Next is the design. Beer goes in a beer glass; whiskey goes in a whiskey glass; and wine goes in a wine glass. Consider beer in a wine glass—isn’t that strange?Yes, exactly. It’s weird. Likewise, based on your product and its needs, the exhibition stall designer will or should create the stall’s 3D design so that visitors have a clear picture of what they can expect in the stall. Moreover, the design should be majestic and attractive.

Who fabricates the exhibition stall?

Now this matters a lot. Yes, of course a carpenter is going to do it. But still, in this experience, it plays a big role. An experienced carpenter knows where to cut corners and save money. And yes, timely delivery is also important. So, every fabrication team should or will have experienced exhibition stall carpenters. This makes the entire event pleasant and presentable.

Finally, have you heard someone put money where their mouth is?

Yes, that matters a lot. All exhibition stalls should be budget-friendly and attractive. This is another main job of an exhibition stall fabricator’s. Make sure the customer’s investment is worthwhile.


This is a branding activity for the customer, brand, or product. In this, we have to make sure the brand is presented with respect and class. This exhibition stall should be rich, budget-friendly, product-focused, and attractive.

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