Exhibition Stall Fabricators And Designers

Orange Fabrication

We are a team of brand managers, engineers, and designers with 40 years of collective experience. The Orange Fabrication Unit is dedicated to exhibition stall fabrication. We have created many unique and elegant stalls for expos in Coimbatore, Chennai, Bangalore, and Cochin.

Because of this, Orange Fabrication is listed in the top 10 Exhibition Stall Fabricators and Designers in all four locations. Our parent company, Orange Art Factory, is well known for corporate event management in India. Orange Fabrication has fabricated booths for many big brands like Bosch, Arima Constructions, Forace Polimers, JCB, etc.


What you need to know about stall fabrication

It is one of the best ways to exhibit your brand, products, and projects. Furthermore, you will easily attract expo visitors and achieve a high level of branding if you create a unique design for your booth presentation. In addition another important point to be noted is about space management. However a creative booth with no space to move around will make visitors feel uncomfortable, which will lead to bad branding. Good exhibition stall fabricator and designer will create rich-looking, well-spaced, and colourful expo stands.

Fresh Ideas

Our team is well known for its fresh ideas for stand presentation. To us, our customer’s stall should be unique.

Creative or Branding

On this subject, we’ve mastered the art of balancing. More than just branding, we always believe in creative branding.


They are the artists here. They ensure that the creative branding is brought to life in expos.

Exhibition Stall Fabricator And Designer