08, 09 & 10 SEPTEMBER 2023

CODISSIA Trade Fair Centre (Hall-B), Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India

Civil Expo 2023 Coimbatore

What is the expo about?

To put it simple it is  Civil Industry Construction Material Civil Exhibition 2023

CI-CON MAT, 2023 is an Meeting point where Civil Industry Construction Material companies. And they will present the latest innovation and technology in Civil Industry Construction Material. Companies will expose / update/ introduce/ New arrivals, current technology etc., Architects, Engineers, Business professional will witness the Exhibition.

This expo is been organised by BUOYANT MEDIA

When and where is it happening?

It is happening at CODISSIA trade center in Coimbatore. The civil expo 20203 Coimbatore starts on 8th Sept 2023 and gets over by 10th Sept 2023.

All civil industry construction materials will presented in HALL B – CODISSIA Trade Fair Center.

Who can visit this civil expo 2023 Coimbatore?

Anyone can visit this Ci-Con Mat Civil Expo 2023. Majorly people involved in construction business, civil students, people likely to start business in civil industry.

Entry to the expo is completely free.

Are you a supplier or a manufacturer?

Are you civil industry supplier or a manufacturer and want to book a stall in the civil expo 2023 Coimbatore? No worry’s, you can contact the organisers at 0422 4332337 or +91 95002 88222 or +91 95002 88333.

Already booked and want a stall fabricator?

Then you are in the right place. We are exhibition stall fabricators in Coimbatore. Orange Fabrication has 15 years of experience and have built over 10,000 square metres of stalls. We have a team to design your stall and well-experienced carpenters to build it. Check out our gallery to see what we have done before.

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